Saturday, 6 August 2011

Shiela ka bhi character Dhiela!!

 We have done no wrong: Sheila Dikshit
 It was all in national interest:  Sheila Dikshit
Ya Ms Sheila, you have done no wrong and all right in spending tax-payers money recklessly on beautification and aesthetics . A poor soul deserves this. To rest his and his families empty stomach, he needs a gud footpath to sleep on, with really exuberant lighting. It will surely make them feel "HOMELY".
You might not be interested in justifying your credibility. But the nation awaits your answer in form of RESIGNATION and CBI probe against you because  these lights might have brighten the streets of Delhi, but they have only darken the life of poor.
And with item numbers rocking the chart, their is new one in the house....
Sheilaaa....Sheila ki baimanni,
Maar gayi hum sabko,
islia vo hai ....female KALMADIII....!

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