Friday, 22 July 2011


Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty returned after GOLMAAL3 with an full-on action flick this time around .
The posters and trailers of movie were very much similar to the the last years biggest blockbuster Dabangg,  a cop with well fitted uniform  having great body and banging everyone around.But the movie offers same dishes in different plate.
Ajay returning to action after 8 years and does a fantastic job in the movie. He plays an out and out cop who never compromises with the situation. He acts well and walks even better before the action rolls. He very easily personifies Singham...the Lion. He simply is the Heart and Soul of the movie. Kajal Aggarwal debuts in the movie and does a decent job of supporting Ajay. Although Ajay takes the pie, but you can't forget the Villain...Prakash Raj. He is cruel and at the same time funny. Now, its time to applause for Rohit Shetty for turning a simple story of  a cop into a excitement filled movie, blending great dialogues with even better action.
Movie is pretty slow before the intermission, but theirs lot more action and drama after the interval. Songs might irritate you as they come just after exciting chase sequences. So over all the movie is good and definitely a one time watch.

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