Sunday, 10 July 2011

India's biggest Doping Scandal

Since the news about biggest doping scandal  in India broke out, eight athletes have been tested positive by Indian Amateur Athlete Federation(IAAF).Many out of these eight athletes are being registered by World Anti Doping Agency(WADA).
So big question arises-What made these athletes to take such a step with their extra ordinary performances in Asian Games and Common Wealth Games also with London Olympics round the corner? Possible answers could be:
1) Athletes had clear intentions to win
2)Coaches advised them to do so
3)Negligence by the Administration
4)Cumulative efforts of all the above 3 points
Ajay Maken,The Honb'l Sports Minister has already dismissed the coach Yuri Ogorodnik and suspended R.S Sidhu and Ramesh Nagapuri. But he ignores when it comes to share the responsibility for the mess.
Sajid Kumar Nandi,The Scientific Officer at NIS had claimed that she has seen the banned drugs at the campus where 172 athletes are being trained for London Olympics.
"No wonder India's dream to win a GOLD MEDAL in Olympics could remain just a dream"
All of this is surely frustrating but whats more frustrating is accountability of the officials.For eg. Jailed Lalit Bhanot whose facing criminal charges for money laundering still remains the general secretary of National Sports Federation.How a person can do his job properly and responsibly sitting in the jail?So he is directly or indirectly responsible for the mess.But since their is no accountability amongst top officials, they will easily get away with this.

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