Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Students Ditched New

India's leading newspaper " The Telegraph" states that seats go vacant in many of the new IIMs while the admission process has been wrapped up. The total no. of seats vacant  is as high as 55 together in all the  three institutes 14 in Shillong, 36 in Trichy, while 5 in Rohtak.
Vacancy in top B-School's in India can only be explained by the flaws in the selection process and the aspiration of the students.All the IIMs conduct simultaneous admissions while having different criterias for selection like PI and GD, this results in confusion amongst students to choose the right institute.And no guesses after working really hard and getting top percentile in CAT, students prefer older IIMs than the new ones. So despite the waiting lists in old IIMs seats go vacant in new IIMs.
So even after cracking CAT, a big decision awaits you-"Where To Go?" because it's always important to be at the right place,on the right time.

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  1. You are really talented, Shikhar! Not many people have it in them to blog!!