Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Mumbai Meri Jaan!

The following notes are only a part of my imagination.Actually, this is what i realise when i think of MUMBAI.
                    NOTE TO TERROR:
Given this opportunity, I would love to get myself clarified. Because whenever you stuck me, it's always these few questions that bother me rather than your FEAR.
Whats their in Mumbai that year after year marks your presence?
Why always the people of Mumbai whom you want to victmise?
what is it, the place or the people, the ease or the comfort, the fun or the pleasure that attracts you to Mumbai?
And, Why the hell you exist?

               REPLY FROM TERROR:
Yes, you are absolutely correct .I'm freakingly obsessed with Mumbai and it's inhabitant. And it's not me who is to be blamed. It's the common man-THE MUMBAIKERS!!  I have been trying Mumbai since March 12,1993 with the wildest  13 blasts. I tried to create a major setback, but they rather bounced really hard on me. Since then their was no looking back. 97,98,02,03, and the most infamous one THE JULY 11,06-Seven train blasts ...remember?! I'm sure you remember, as everyone does, but only to add on to my miseries.They remember, pay respect and pray for the martyrs(as you call them), but who's going to mention me? They had one's again forgotten me.Moreover, they also make me look like a duffer, a looser on daily bases. I try to shake them with issues like financial crisis and  pity insecurities, but again they are up and ready to fight every morning. No wonder they are COMMON MAN, as they have common terrors and common spirit to fight against them.
So it was time "13 JULY,11- THE TERROR  STRICKED AGAIN".
And finally to answer your last question, i would say "It's World-created by GOD and destroyed by HUMANS!"  Everything here goes hand in hand- good and bad,happy and sad, and solace and terror. It is you all who have created me and have put me into existence.So, if you want to get rid of me, first get rid of pity issues that makes you indifferent towards others.

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